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New Technique to Reliably Hold Restorations for Intra-oral Placement

The Thermagrip system from Alesar Dental Inc. allows clinicians to hold small restorations in a reliable, predictable and sturdy manner without the fear of sudden unexpected dislodgement during the insertion phase of treatment. 

A lightweight, portable heating unit is used to activate a pigmented adhesive pellet so that an end-tufted bendable brush can be submerged into the molten adhesive.  A handle can thus be created in less than five seconds.  The adhesive has “smart” properties which allow it to avoid the internal bonding surface of the restoration.  Despite the predictable ruggedness of the adhesive bond, removal is simply achieved by pulling on the attachment handle.  The adhesive and brush will release “as one” leaving the restoration clean. Click here to watch the video on Thermagrip.

Fast – Simple – Reliable
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