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Rescheduling Appointments

What is your policy should I need to reschedule an appointment?

We recognize that in today's busy world, adhering to a schedule is important in order to maximize time and meet the demands of daily life. With this in mind, we have developed a cancellation policy that is fair to both our patients and our practice.

Scheduling an appointment is a commitment you make that you will be present for that appointment. All appointments, when made, have a specific date, time of day, and length of stay in order that you are able to gauge your valuable time.

1. If you are not able to meet your appointment commitment, we request you notify us 2 full business days in advance.
2. If you do not notify us in a timely manner, we will make every effort to fill your reserved time slot. If we are unable to, you will be charged incrementally for the period of time that you set aside in our schedule.

Please make a careful note in your appointment schedule of the date and time you have reserved an appointment. Although we make every effort to contact you to remind you of upcoming appointments, we are sometimes unable to reach you.

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