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a revolution in the treatment of gum disease

Gum Disease affects a significant portion of the population - including more than half of all people over 50. If you have red, swollen, bleeding gums, persistent bad breath or tooth sensitivity - you may have some form of gum disease.

Without treatment, gum disease can cause oral discomfort, localized oral infections, deterioration of tooth support structures, and eventual tooth loss - as well as serious secondary infections. Recent scientific evidence has also linked periodontal disease to certain systemic disorders.

Periowave is the first treatment system for gum diseases that uses photodynamic disinfection (PDD). PDD is a two-stage process that uses a photosensitizing solution and low-intensity, cold laser light to destroy the harmful bacteria and enzymes that cause gum disease.

Dr. MacArthur topically administers a photosensitizing solution between the tooth and gums of an infected area. Next, a low-intensity laser light is placed at the site of the infection and illuminates the area for 60 seconds.

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