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Gum Recountouring and Gum Lifts

Also known as "Gummy Smile", Gum Recountouring usually occurs when the appearance of the teeth are small or short and there is more than usual gum tissue visible when the person smiles.
gum recountouring gum lifts

One of the more common reasons for this condition is that during childhood development, the person’s gums simply grew a little bit more than the average. Hidden underneath that abundance of gummy skin though are healthy teeth, which have developed normally.

To correct this particular condition is quite simple and easy. All that is required is to re-contour the gum line, so that more of the teeth are visible. The Odyssey Diode Laser is used for recountouring .

Recountouring your gums can make a dramatic impact on the overall balance and look of your smile.

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